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New Kicks

I Have this problem . . . I will walk into a Champs Sports, a Foot Locker, or a Finish Line with the intent that I'll just get ONE pair of sneakers and that it's! About an hour later, I discover that I'm walking out of the store with like at least two pairs of shoes, a couple of t shirts, shorts, and socks along with like a $250 bill! Heh, I told my mom:

MOM: " I don't get it, when I used to go anywhere with you, you hated getting more than one pair of shoes. And since when do you go shopping?"

ME: "Mom, this is different. I needed cross trainers AND running shoes! And sometimes I want to have a casual pair of Adidas to just wear with jeans."

MOM: "So, you are telling me you spent more in one day on practice crap than you have for the past few months on regular everyday clothes and shoes?!"

ME: "Well . . . I pretty much wear my sneakers and shorts or track pants everyday since I practice everyday and go to the gym."

MOM: " . . . I just don't get it."

Heh, moms never do.
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