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Hey! i am new to this community..
i am a tomboy too and i loveeee basketball sooo much.. i play AAU, CYO, PAL, and i am on my school team.
i am also on the school lacrosse and field hockey teams as well..

i dont know many tomboys around here so hopefully i can meet some of u gurls
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That's cool. I play lacrosse for Ball State University. Basketball and field hockey rock too!
I'm from South Africa and LOVE basketball too!
I can't live without it!
I've bin playin since i was 9
It's addictive than anything that i have done!
I play @ a chinese club here (oh yeah, i'm chinese)
And my team won the Official tournament in 2004!
And i also recieved an MVP award.(Yay!)
I'd like 2 get 2 know u. ^_^
Hope 2 hea from ya
same here... i used to play when i was like 5 on my driveway and proove to my brothers that i could play with them! lol

--wow that is awesome that u guys won! props on the mvp!


oooooh PS---- this is the person that wrote the entry... new username!
Hello fellow...ladies?! Well, I would just like to say, I would also count myself in to the group of "tomboys" as my friends call me a man often enough!! I am ok with that though...men are so much better than woman!! YEAH!! I would go into further detail about how most women piss me right off...but we could be here for hours, so I won't.

Ta-ra then chucks!
mel w / winston